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External IP

External IP - shows your external IP in your browsers statusbar

External IP is a extension for Firefox that displays your current external IP address in the browsers statusbar.

External IP is set to check your IP address at browser startup and after that once every hour or on click on the right-click context menu.

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New in version

  • Now old and new IP-address is displayed on alert when IP changed
  • Added link to extension homepage

New in version 0.9.9

  • Thanks to DynDNS one more IP-host was added to he source to increase the extension stability.

New in version 0.9.8

  • One of the hosts that the extension retrieved the IP-address from was removed.

New in version 0.9.7

  • One more IP-host added for stability (Thanks Burke).
  • RegExp-check added to make sure that what is displayed is an proper IP address.

New in version 0.9.6

  • Added ability to switch alert on/off

New in version 0.9.5

  • Now Compatible with Firefox 2.0.
  • In this version external IP alerts (via pop up) when the external IP address has changed.
  • Added abillity to manually refresh external IP.
  • Added ability to copy the IP address to clipboard via a right-click context menu.